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Pathway To Becoming A Competitive High School Golfer


Step 1: Golf Lessons and Clinics

The first step to competitive golf is to take some golf lessons or sign up for a group class at a local golf course. Most of the local public courses offer junior golf lessons or clinics. Once you learn the golf swing and the rules of golf, practice often at a driving range and also try playing at a golf course.

Step 2: PGA Junior League

The second step to competitive golf is to play on a PGA Junior League team. Many local golf courses participate in the PGA Junior League, such as Reston National Golf Course and 1757 Golf Club, and you can join their team. PGA Junior League has a fantastic team atmosphere, and is a fun way for kids to find their love for golf and compete without a lot of pressure.

Reston National Golf Course:

1757 Golf Club:

Step 3: Individual Golf Tournaments

The third step is to gain more competitive experience by playing in individual golf tournaments. This is also a great way to meet other golfers your age and experience higher level competition. Some places to start are the U.S. Kids Golf, PGA Middle Atlantic Section Junior Tour, Virginia State Golf Association Junior Golf Circuit and, of course, the Peggy Kirk Bell Girls Golf Tour.

U.S. Kids Golf:

PGA Mid Atlantic Section Junior Tour:

Virginia State Golf Association Junior Golf Circuit:

Peggy Kirk Bell Girls Golf Tour:

Step 4: High School Golf

Once you have become accustomed to competing in golf, you’re ready to play at a high school level. Whether it is your school’s girls club team or the varsity team, both will be a good experience and fun.

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