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Our Mission
FairWay for Girls is a 501(c)(3) student-run nonprofit organization in Northern Virginia dedicated to closing the gender gap in golf by inspiring girls and expanding opportunities for girls to learn golf. Our high school volunteers provide free introductory golf lessons to girls, particularly those from underprivileged backgrounds.  Through our website and blogs, we seek to bring awareness to gender equality issues, promote women golfers, provide resources to girls who want to learn golf, and raise funds and donations of equipment to help our mission.

Founders' Message
We have been very fortunate to have the opportunity to learn the sport of golf.  Golf and  gender equality have been our two passions.  As the only girls on our high school varsity golf team, we founded FairWay for Girls, an initiative aimed towards narrowing the gender gap in golf by having high school golfers inspire and teach young girls to play golf and providing a forum for gender equality issues.  

Lauren & Olivia Wood
Golf Course


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Rear View of female Golfers
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